A Reverse platform possibility

The ASHCOM Shoulder AC-Connector is a double tapered Adaptor that allows the combination of the Anatomical Shoulder ™ Humeral Stems with the Comprehensive® Trays. The male oval cone taper of the ASHCOM Shoulder AC-Connector is compatible with the cemented, uncemented and fracture Humeral Stems of the Anatomical Shoulder System. The female round taper is compatible with the Comprehensive Reverse Trays. The Humeral Stems Cemented are intended for cemented use and the Humeral Stems uncemented are intended for uncemented use.

A Reverse platform possibility

  • Provides the surgeon an option of converting from an anatomic to a reverse, using the Anatomical Shoulder stems that have been in the market for 20 years with upgrades launched in 2014, since the stem sits 5mm below the resection
  • The countersunk stem provides for soft tissue tension when converting to a reverse and allows the surgeon to optimize joint space and address concerns of overstuffing
  • Extended scope and combination possibilities within Zimmer Biomet Shoulder systems
  • Enables the use of multiple core technologies such as Vitamin-E polyethylene and  Trabecular MetalTM
  • Procedural simplicity & technique of both the humeral & the glenoid side
  • Uniquely extensive platform of implants which provide a continuum of patient solutions



ASHCOM™ Shoulder System Surgical System Animation

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