Biologically Assisted Core Decompression

PerFuse Percutaneous Decompression Instrument is designed to access the femoral for core decompression. The PerFuse Percutaneous Decompression System is intended to be used for thedelivery of allograft, autograft, or synthetic bone graft material to an orthopedicsurgical site. In addition, it is designed to facilitate mixing and pre-mixing of bonegraft material with I.V. fluids, blood, plasma concentrate, platelet-rich plasma, bonemarrow or other specified blood components deemed necessary by the clinical userequirements.

Core Decompression is a surgical technique to treat avascular necrosis involving drilling one or more channels into the dead bone (necrotic lesion). Creating a channel into the necrotic lesion is intended to relieve intraosseous pressure within the bone and provide a channel to restore blood flow to the diseased bone.1-2

Post-op Flexibility

  • The PerFuse cannula creates a 6 mm hole, which offers post-op flexibility for physician

Simple Ease of Use

  • PerFuse offers one option in length (295 mm). The disposable component is always sharp

Multiple Application Options

  • Disposable tamp allows for multiple Intra-operative bone graft options

Eliminate Heat from Power Equipment

  • Drill-less technique eliminates heat generated by power equipment 

System Features

The PerFuse system is designed to allows anorthopaedic surgeon a reliable optionto perform a minimally invasive core decompression in the femoral head.


PerFuse Percutaneous Decompression System Animation

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