Redefining Personalization

While designing the Persona Knee, we used a combination of advanced research tools to study hundreds of knees. In doing so, we confirmed that implant shape really matters. Fit really matters. Instrumentation and technology really matters. The Persona Knee was designed with all these elements in mind, because we believe a way to predictably improve patient satisfaction is to more closely reproduce the original.

The personalized design

Tibial bone coverage


with proper rotation1

Persona Femur is able to match 


each patient’s native A/P dimension2

Ideal tibial rotation and alignment


in vivo3

Persona Knee System Features

Personalized implants designed for optimal fit and function.

Anatomic Tibia and Bearings

Tibia specs: Anatomic disproportional M/L growth, 9 sizes, left and right implant options, compatible with stem extension, triple wedge design locking mechanism, no lock-down screws or through holds, made of Tivanium® Alloy.

Bearing Specs: 1mm increments, cruciate retaining and sacrificing options including minimal constraint to full constraint, left and right implant options, conventional and Vitamin-E polyethylene options.


Femur specs: Anatomic design with 21 distinct profiles in 2mm increments, standard and narrow, left and right implant options, 12 A/P sizes.


Vivacit-E® Vitamin-E Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene 

Vivacit-E Vitamin E Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene is designed with antioxidant protection to help meet long-term performance needs and provide: Exceptional Oxidative Stability1, Ultra-low Wear2 and Improved strength.4,3

Trabecular Metal™ Technology

Highly porous material designed to replicate the structure, function and physiological properties of cancellous bone5


Our most comprehensive knee system, including anatomically accurate components with finer increments to help surgeons personalize the fit for each patient and restore the unique identity of every knee.

Anatomically accurate implants designed for optimal fit and function 

  • Anatomic tibia design helps prevent mal-rotation while facilitating proper rotation and optimal bone coverage. Studies indicate that internal mal-rotation of implants may lead to over 50 percent of painful TKA cases.4,3
  • 21 distinct femoral profiles, with 2 mm increments available in standard and narrow provide the most comprehensive femoral sizing scheme on the market.
  • Restore ligament balance with five levels of constraint in 1 mm increments.

Precise instrumentation with personalized control 

  • Persona Instrumentation was designed to be versatile in its capabilities and philosophies, precise in its measurements, comprehensive, and comfortable with repetitive use1. These options were designed to help you consistently achieve optimal outcomes. 

Proven technology built on a legacy of clinical performance

  • Options available using Trabecular Metal Technology, Vivacit-E Vitamin-E Polyethylene, all built upon the heritage of the NexGen® Knee System. 


Persona® The Personalized Knee® System Overview

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