Comprehensive, Stable, Cementless Offering

The NexGen LCCK can be used with augments, stem extensions and Trabecular Metal Cones to help provide stabilization in knee arthroplasty.

Cementless Offering

  • Made from clinically proven3-5 Trabecular Metal Technology
  • Trabecular Metal Tibial and Femoral Cones are available in multiple shapes and sizes. Refer to the NexGen Trabecular Metal Cones Brochure for more information.
  • Tibial and femoral augments available in Trabecular Metal material

Complete Continuum of care

  • Offers surgeons the ease of transitioning from the NexGen LCCK Knee to the NexGen Rotating Hinge (RH) Knee to the Zimmer® Segmental System (ZSS) prosthesis within the same platform

Class Leading Clinical Heritage



Survivorship at 10 years1



Survivorship at 16 years2

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