In the Palm of Your Hand

The iAssist Knee System provides a compact, electronic guidance system designed to help surgeons align and validate bony resections in real-time within the surgical field.


  • Compatible with conventional instruments, the iASSIST Knee enables straightforward intraoperative set up with unnecessary workflow disruptions, leading to fewer hassles and a time neutral workflow..3,4

Enables Precise Alignment

  • TheiASSIST Knee offers increased precision and accuracy by the intraoperative validation feature, which allows for direct feedback of the resections toensure proper alignment intraoperatively.5

Addresses Difficult Cases

  • The iASSIST Knee consists of electronic pods that virtually identify the patient’s mechanical axis, aiding in challenging cases, including: retained hardware, abnormal bowing and extreme valgus.

Cost Effective5

  • Offering an imageless solution with disposable pods, the iASSIST Knee eliminates the hassle of specialized imaging and the need for expensive capital equipment.

Optimal Component Positioning1


iASSIST has demonstrated a neutral mechanical axis and optimal component position in the coronal plane in 95% of cases.1

Patient Satisfaction


iASSIST provides 88% good or excellent patient satisfaction.2

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