Mimicking the Architecture of Human Cancellous Bone

Zimmer Biomet’s OsseoTi Porous Metal Technology uses human CT data in combination with 3D printing technology to build a structure that is designed to mimic the architecture of human cancellous bone.

Material Strength

  • Material strength between that of cancellous and cortical bone, which is designed to facilitate biologic fixation and loading of surrounding bone3*

Excellent Integration

  • A porous architecture that has demonstrated excellent integration with host bone as early as 4 weeks in an animal study3*

OsseoTi Porous Metal Technology is made from the highly biocompatible Ti6AI4V alloy material that has corrosion resistance and a proven history of clinical success.1,2 

Integration with host bone

4 weeks

In an animal study3*



That is designe to mimic the structure of human cancellous bone

Average pore size

475 microns

Designed to facilitate cell migration, vascularization and bone ingrowth3*

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