12-16% of revision surgeries are due to dislocation6-8. In Europe it is estimated to cause suffering for 12,000 – 22,000 patients and €58M-€78M annually to healthcare providers9.   

Biomet introduced the Avantage system in 1998 to address patients with high risk of dislocation. Avantage is a dual mobility acetabular system combining a proprietary anatomical cup design and a unique ultra-low wear polyethylene. Since 2005, the Avantage system has been the N°1 cementless and cemented dual mobility cup on the market1.

The Avantage double mobility cup system is an optimal solution for the treatment of patients with a high risk of dislocation or recurrent dislocation10. Its anatomic design offers joint stability11 and a large range of motion12. From primary to more complex revision and reconstruction cases, the comprehensive Avantage double mobility system addresses most surgical needs.

Clinical Success


 Survival rate @ 9 years, National Joint Registry - England, Wales and NI2

Clinical Success


Dislocation rate4

Clinical Success


 Survival rate @ mean 7.2 years, Fresard et al, Multicentre Study3




  • Superior Cap helps reduce risk of superior dislocation
  • Anatomic aperture helps reduce risk of impingement and increases ROM
  • Flattened pole helps increase peripheral load
  • Smooth superior-inferior transition helps reduce soft tissue irritation
  • E1® Antioxidant Infused Polyethylene




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