Anatomically Contoured Locking Plates with Compression 

The Periarticular Locking Plate System aims to combine optimal fit with advanced locking technology to offer a system for the treatment of comminuted fractures or fractures where deficient bone stock or poor bone quality is a factor.


  • Meeting clinical needs with a wide range of plate and screw options available to anticipate clinical needs of the future.


  • The shallow thread profile allows for screws with a large core diameter to accommodate loading intended to improve bending and shear strength. 

Streamlined workflow

  • This locking screw technology gives surgeons the ability to create a fixed-angle construct while using familiar plating techniques. 


Low-profile, pre-contoured plates

One of the most difficult challenges in the treatment of periarticular fractures is bending the plate to fit the specific profile. Zimmer Biomet’s advanced periarticular plates were developed using digital laser bone-scanning technology. The data was used to guide advanced fabricating technologies in the precise manufacture of pre-contoured implants. 


Optimal Screw Technology

Locking screw technology gives surgeons the ability to create a fixed-angle construct while using familiar plating techniques. Multiple screw holes are designed with optimal screw trajectories to help capture small fragments. The locking plate design does not require compression between the plate and bone to accommodate loading. Therefore, the screw purchase in the bone can be achieved with a shallow thread profile. 


Universal Locking System (ULS) Holes

The plate shaft includes ULS holes, which are figure-8 shaped and will accommodate standard or locking screws on either side of the hole. As a result, the plate can be used, depending upon the fracture situation, as compression plate, a locked internal fixator or as an internal fixation system combining both techniques. The plates enable the surgeon to treat fractures using compression plating techniques with standard cortical and cancellous screws. 


Periarticular Plating System