Proven. Strong. Safe.

The proven closed vacuum mixing system, pre-packed with bone cement1-4


Pre-packed with Zimmer Biomet bone cements

  • Antibiotic-loaded bone cements
  • Primary and revision
  • Different sizes for different areas of application


Improved Cement Quality

  • Standardized procedure
  • Homogeneous bone cement
  • Mixing and collection under vacuum, improving cement fatigue life1-5
  • SoftPac™ Technology ensures no glass debris in the cement


Safer Working Environment

  • Minimized exposure to monomer fumes6-7
  • No direct contact with bone cement during mixing and delivery
  • No glass ampoules, eliminating the risk of injury
  • No cement dust cloud with antibiotics


Practical and Easy to Use

  • Optipac is a closed vacuum mixing system, pre-packed with bone cement
  • Quick Injection Technology – just click it to release monomer and begin mixing
  • Easy to store, all-in-one package
  • One package - One ordering number


Time Saving Pre-packed System

  • Less time to prepare pre-surgery actions
  • Fewer components to handle in the mixing process
  • Fewer assembly procedures


Pre-Packed with Zimmer Biomet Bone Cement Products

Polymer and monomer included from the outset, either Refobacin Bone Cement R or Refobacin Plus Bone Cement


Multiple Size Options

40, 60 or 80 depending on the procedure


Knee Cementation Nozzle

1 included in the 40 & 60 versions


Breakable Cement Nozzle

Included in the 40, 60, 80 versions


Femoral Pressuriser

1 included in the 60 & 80 versions

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Modern Cementing Technique – Knee Solutions

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