Do you want to simplify your surgical workflow whilst continuing to address the distinct needs of individual patients?

As Aristotle said: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and the Zimmer Biomet Hip Portifolio is the sum of heritage, innovation, proven concepts, new technologies and data insights, brought together as a whole, designed to help you transform hip care through advanced personalisation.

Sum of Campaign | Patient Outcomes
Do you want a partner that cares about Patient Outcomes?
Patients are increasingly demanding to have no complications after surgery, returning to active life quickly and forgetting they even had hip surgery1! Like you, our mission is to help create the best conditions to deliver the best outcomes to patients. With over 90 years of trusted leadership and expertise in orthopedics, partnering with us gives you access to a whole range of clinically referenced acetabular cups and stems that have been designed to meet the expectations of modern THA patients.
Sum of Campaign | OR Felxibility
Do you want a partner that can help deliver greater flexibility to your OR?
You know that the first choice is not always the final one - a plan can quickly change in the OR due to poor bone quality, joint instability, or other unexpected complications. As well as offering different versions, sizes, level of constraints, and coatings, the whole of our implant portfolio has been designed to offer the intraoperatively flexibility you need to move fast from one choice to another, quickly addressing the distinct needs of your patient.
Sum of Campaign | Patient Journey
Do you want a partner that knows how to optimise the patient journey?
Number of THA patients is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years7 and the optimization of their care path is now a key priority, ensuring that resources are allocated correctly to meet the demand and provide treatment to patients who need it most. Our solutions are designed to simplify implant and instrument selection in your OR, improving reliability, aiming to reduce clutter in the sterile field as well as on the shelves. This aims to save you time and cost, whilst bringing a more efficient workflow. In addition, we are introducing more and more digital solutions designed to help to enhance recovery and actively engage patients, delivering their treatment more efficiently pre, peri, and post-surgery.
Sum of Campaign | ASI
Do you want an ASI Partner that goes beyond the implant?
nterest in ASI (Anterior Supine Intermuscular) is growing due to proven outcomes bringing patients reduced hospital stays8, decreased dislocation rates9, decreased postoperative pain10 and earlier postoperative recovery11. The sum of our implants, instruments and training are a whole package designed to support you from your first ASI surgery and beyond.