Are You Prepared for the Surge in Periprosthetic Fractures?

While Periprosthetic Femur Fractures (PPF) present a less common fracture type, they are growing in frequency, thanks to our longer life expectancy, coupled with the rise in primary and subsequent revision surgeries1,2. Most affected are older adults, additionally grappling with multiple health conditions, osteopenia and post-operative mobility issues2. Fracture rates after hip and knee replacements range between 0.3% - 2.5%, jumping to 1.5% - 38% with revision patients3-7.  

The future? Expect PPF rates to climb. 

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Are You Equipped to Achieve Stable Bi-cortical Screw Fixation Around an Implant?

Navigating periprosthetic fracture treatment can be very complex. What's your strategy? A standard plate or one custom-built for the task?  

For over a decade, we've been aiding surgeons with a unique plate system designed for PPF challenges – offering simplified screw placement around the implant8,9, enhanced stability in weak bone conditions1,8 and protection of the periosteal blood supply10,11,12.  

Take a moment to watch the video below featuring Dr. Karl van Osten sharing his insights on our NCB PP System. 

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NCB PP Overview with Dr. Karl Van Osten

The Versatility You Need – The Clinical History You Want

Periprosthetic fractures are complex and require solutions that have proven12 their effectiveness over time. Leveraging 14 years of clinical experience, the NCB PP system`s unique features were designed to specifically address periprosthetic fractures and offer a dependable solution that can help you achieve reliable outcomes:

Campaign Page - FEB2023 - NCB Keypoint 1
Non-contact Bridging

Intended to minimise the risk of periosteal blood supply impairment.

Campaign Page - FEB2023 - NCB Keypoint 2
Anatomic Plate Design and Diagonal Three-hole Pattern

Aims to minimise soft tissue disruption and bi-cortical screw fixation around the prosthesis.

Campaign Page - FEB2023 - NCB Keypoint 3
Polyaxial Screws and Off-set Holes in the Three-hole Pattern

To facilitate screw placement around the prosthesis and stable bi-cortical screw fixation.

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