Step 1:

Below, you will see a link to our submission form.

Before completing the form and submitting your idea, please consider whether this is a new product or an existing/patented idea.

When describing your idea, outline what problem it solves, or what disadvantage could it address. In addition, please also tell us what stage of development or maturity it is at. And lastly, please include your contact details.

The more complete your description, the easier it will be to assess.

Step 2:

Once submitted your idea will be assessed through our internal GeniuZ review process

You will receive confirmation of our receipt of your idea upon submission and we will strive to contact you regarding our decision within one month.

As the decision will run through a tiered review process, we may sometimes require additional time. Should we be interested in your idea, we will contact you to discuss the proposal in more detail.

Step 3:

Following our review, we will communicate our formal decision by email.

If the idea is a strong candidate for the GeniuZ program we will contact you to discuss and determine the best way to collaborate and take your idea forward.

Conversely, if we do not decide to move forward, you will be free to pursue the concept with another party.

GeniuZ Explainer Video

Innovation Starts Here

Before you submit your idea, we must point out that Zimmer Biomet invests substantial resources in its own research, development, and marketing efforts. Therefore, we do not undertake any obligation which would in any way limit our ability to use or disclose this information submitted, as it may already be freely available to us from internal or external sources. For these reasons, and to avoid any misunderstanding, Zimmer Biomet receives unsolicited ideas and proposals only on a non-confidential basis and according to the terms and conditions that follow per the link below. If you believe you may have proprietary rights in your submission, we urge you to contact your lawyer and take appropriate steps to apply for protection prior to making your submission to Zimmer Biomet.