Rigid constructs with few components and minimal steps

The XtraFix External Fixation System allows surgeons to build rigid constructs for long bone and pelvic fractures with few components and steps.

Streamlined Workflow

  • All pins and instruments are color coded to simplify steps for the surgical team. Each pin, whether it is a 5mm/6mm diameter shank (XtraFix Large 11mm System) or a 4mm diameter shank (XtraFix Small 6mm System), is also sized to reduce overall clamp inventory.

Variable Options for Best Fit

  • Components are available in a wide selection of pin and bar diameters and lengths. Transitioning from XtraFix Large 11mm to Small 6mm components on the same frame is facilitated by XtraFix Large 11mm Pin-to-Bar Clamps.


  • Efficiency Multi-Pin Clamps have 2-Bar and 1-Bar jaw attachments built-in to the clamp with the goal of reducing the number of components required to construct a frame. Quick- connect ends are designed into pins and drills to save time during implantation.
  • All clamps have a SnapLoc latch that actively prevents bars and pins from popping out. Clamps also feature one-nut tightening designed to save time intra-operatively.

System Features

The system is intended to stabilize open or closed long bone fractures. It can also be used for arthrodesis and osteotomies with associated soft tissue problems; stabilization of limbs after removal of total joint implants for infection or other failures; stabilization of non-unions, and as an intraoperative temporary stabilization tool assist with indirect reduction.

The most important functional design goal of an external fixation system is to provide fracture stability. 


SnapLoc™ Technology

  • Designed to facilitate provisional fracture reduction by securing bars and pins without having to tighten the nut, to address “pop-offs”


Multi-Pin Efficiency Clamps

  • Multi-pin clamps have 2-bar and 1-bar jaw attachments built-in to the clamp with the goal of reducing the number of components required to construct a frame. 



Universal Compatibility

  • The XtraFix Large 11mm and Small 6mm Systems is designed to easily be connected to one another via a single clamp. The Large 11mm Pin/Bar Clamp is the transitional component that aims to allow surgeons to accommodate small extremity fractures in large constructs. 




XtraFix External Fixation Video

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