A preassembled embedded locking mechanism

The Phoenix Retrograde Femoral Nail System features CoreLock Technology that offers a preassembled locking mechanism that allows the four distal screws to be mechanically locked which is designed to provide enhanced distal femoral fixation.

Minimally invasive

  • The CoreLock technology allows four distal screws to be mechanically locked to provide distal femoral fixation. 

Ease of use

  • CoreLock Technology eliminates freehand insertion and set screw grooving allows for screw removal without disengaging the set screw. 


This nail incorporates a 1.8m radius of curvature and a 5-degree distal bend for ease of insertion. Distal screws can be removed without disengaging the embedded setscrew since the holes within the setscrew are grooved.


CoreLock Technology

  • CoreLock Technology allows four distal screws to be locked to help minimize lateral screw impingement. The locking mechanism is preassembled within the nail, therefore eliminating freehand insertion.


5mm Double-Lead Thread Screws

  • Composed of titanium alloy with a self-tapping tip, this screw features a double-lead thread design intended to provide quick insertion and bicortical purchase.


End Caps

  • 3.5mm Inserter connector retains head of the end cap designed to facilitate easier insertion. End caps are offered in 0mm,5mm, 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm sizes.


Phoenix Retrograde Femoral Nail System with Michael Strycharz

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