Various Assortments of Suture and Tape Configurations


  • This anchor platform offers a variety of sizes loaded with #2 round suture in double and triple loaded options and double-loaded BroadBand™ Tape in sliding and non-sliding variations
  • Quattro X Suture Anchor with BroadBand Tape is the first-to-market threaded suture anchor with a sliding and non-sliding suture tape configuration
  • The dual-channel eyelet design allows for smooth suture sliding and expedited suture management across all platforms

Unique Rounded Distal Anchor Tip

  • Surgeons are able to find pilot holes with the “seekers- tip” design of the anchor without catching on extraneous tissue

Strong Purchase in Bone with Tapered, Dual Thread Design

  • Quattro X Suture Anchors have remarkable pull-out strength of 447N1 and 568N1, for the Quattro X 5.5mm and Quattro X3 5.5mm respectively along with suture strength of 289N2.
  • Reliability in bone makes anchors suitable for medial row use in double row or single row repair


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