Mimix and Mimix QS are hydroxyapatite (HA) based mixtures of tetracalcium and an alpha (a)-tricalcium phosphate material ideal for the repair of cranial defects.

Both Mimix materials are easily moldable, biocompatible and designed to maintain consistent volume and size once the product has set.

The longer working time of Mimix allows for better contouring of large defects (25cm2 size) while the shorter setting time of Mimix QS allows for quicker closure.


  • Exhibits biocompatibility1
  • Radiopaque and will not undergo any change in volume or size2
  • Mixed in an open bowl and sets in a typical surgical environment
  • Sets at an isothermal temperature that will not damage surrounding tissue
  • Easily shaped and molded for augmentation of small cranial defects as well as for onlay applications


Repair of neurosurgical burr holes, craniotomy cuts and other cranial defects
Restoration or augmentation of bony contour in the craniofacial skeleton with a surface area no larger than 25cm2

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