The Midface 1.5mm/2.0mm Titanium system combines everything provided in the 1.5mm system and the 2.0mm system in one convenient tray. The Midface Titanium system offers versatile plating options including generic meshes and preformed orbital plates that can be used in multiple maxillofacial procedures.

Features and Benefits

  • 0.6mm profile titanium plates provide stability with minimal palpability in areas where facial bones are prominent
  • Self-drilling, high-torque screws maximize convenience by reducing the time required for screw placement. 1.5 and 2.0mm self-drilling screws vary in length from 3.5mm to 19mm
  • The Midface 2.0mm Titanium system plates are available in the standard mini-plate 1.0mm profile and 0.6mm low profile materials to accommodate each surgeon's preferences
  • Broad selection of meshes and procedure specific plates for fixation in the midface and mandible


These devices are implantable bone plates and bone screws for oral, cranio-maxillofacial procedures including:

  • Fractures
  • Osteotomies, including orthognathic procedures
  • Reconstructive procedures
  • Revision procedures where other treatments or devices have failed