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Zimmer® Natural Nail® (ZNN) System with Bactiguard® Technology

ZNN with Bactiguard Technology* offers the combination of a unique non-antibiotic-eluting, anti-infective coating with a clinically successful intramedullary nailing system1,2,3 This pairing is designed to provide a promising solution for addressing implant associated infections4 and improving patient outcomes.5

ZNN delivers a comprehensive anatomic intramedullary trauma nailing system designed for fracture fixation and stabilization featuring:

  • Enhanced Fixation - Exclusive StabiliZe Technology rovides a solid interface between nail and bone to create an advanced construct that helps secure the nail and control rotation, alignment and length.
  • Anatomic Fit - Accommodates varying anatomy to treat a wide range of injuries, closely mimicking the pre-injury state of the bone.
  • Intuitive Instruments - Color-coded instrumentation system simplifies instrument selection during surgery for workflow efficiency.

The Value of Bactiguard Technology

Responsible Care - Designed to address the risk of implant associated infection and increase patient safety, without eluting antibiotics.

Cost and Resource Reduction - Provides a promising solution to current infection management approaches that often result in higher costs and resource allocations for society and healthcare at large

Clinical Outcomes - Offers value to the practice through the use of a safe and proven anti-infective technology.6,7

Antibiotic Resistance

Current strategies for the control of implant associated infections rely primarily on the administration of local and systemic antibiotics. However, it is well known that bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, even more so in healthcare facilities rather than in the community.8  Without alternative treatments to antibiotics, it has been predicted that, by the year 2050, 10 million people worldwide will die every year due to multi-resistant microbial infections, overtaking the number of deaths caused by cancer.9

The decreased susceptibility of bacteria grown in biofilms to antibiotics highly reduces the chances of eradicating these infections, thus further increasing the risk of triggering antibiotic resistance.

Every year, more than 670,000 infections occur in the EU/EEA due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, with the death of 33,000 people and with a cost for healthcare systems of € 1.1 billion as a direct consequence.10

To address the growing concerns over antibiotic resistance and to ensure responsible antibiotic stewardship, Bactiguard Technology provides an alternative non antibiotic-releasing approach to tackle biofilms.

How Does Bactiguard Technology Work?

Bactiguard Technology is a thin, durable and non-eluting noble metal (gold, silver and palladium) alloy coating that is firmly attached to the implant surface. When the coating comes into contact with moisture, the noble metals create a unique galvanic (or battery) effect that generates tiny pico currents on the implant surface, reducing bacterial adhesion and subsequent risk of biofilm formation.9

How Does It Work HD (1000px)

Additional Information

Surgical Techniques

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Legal Manufaturer of Instruments:

Zimmer GmbH
Sulzerallee 8
8404 Winterthur


Bactiguard Implants Manufacturer:

Vigilenz Medical Devices Sdn. Bhd.
308 b, Jalan Perindustrian Bukit Minyak 18
Penang Science Park, 14100 Penang


Bactiguard Implants Distributor:

Zimmer Biomet
1800 West Center Street
Warsaw, Indiana 46580 USA

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