Elevate Your Reality

OptiVu Mixed Reality merges real and virtual worlds to provide innovative solutions enabling surgeons and care teams to educate, collaborate, and visualise in ways they never have before to create richer understandings.

The platform leverages the Microsoft HoloLens 2 to deliver a suite of proprietary software applications using holographic visualisations to deliver on demand and real-time remote support

OptiVu | Features Image
OptiVu Features
Educate. Collaborate. Visualise.
Transform how patients and care teams learn about complex procedures, products, and workflow. Connect remote specialists enabling increased access, communication, and support.
Co-Presence Application
Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
Provides hands-free communication, facilitates remote case coverage and supports surgeon-to-surgeon training through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Platform. Expands the universe of available specialists to resolve questions and issues in real-time.
OptiVu | Instrument Image
OptiVu Instrument Assembly Application Showcase
Object recognition to guide the user through instrument assembly workflow.
This application showcase is designed to increase training efficiencies and can be utilised in the OR during surgery. Guides user through Persona® Primary Knee System Instrument assembly.

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