Prestige Tower

Visualization System

Prestige Tower

Prestige Tower

Visualization System

Prestige Tower presents one of the highest commercially available image quality on wide screen. Beyond the latest generation of video imaging provided, it allows you to record and view the surgeries on your dedicated web page. You may invite your colleagues to follow your live surgery and exchange about the key steps.

High Image Quality
  • 7K UHD

  • 43" LCD monitor with touchless interface and integrated camera

All-In-One Processor
  • Mono-led video light source (50 000h)

  • Ability to record pictures and videos on a flash drive 3.0

  • Multi-display (up to 3 displays at the same time)

  • Up to 3 video outputs (Display Port)

  • Automatic settings and configuration of white-balance

Broadcasting and Visiobroadcast
  • Ability to record surgeries on a dedicated server

  • Retransmission of surgeries on a webpage

  • Broadcast of live video and audio (bilateral sound)

Related Cameras

Monobloc Camera associated with a sterile single-use sheath.

  • Directional system with a rotation angle of 170° to-170° for 30° cameras

  • Ergonomic handle with photo/ video and light mode buttons

  • A single cable for video and light sources

  • ArthroVims 4.0mm - 30°: camera for arthroscopy

  • OpenVcam on articulated arm: environment camera to film open surgeries

Proximal Camera

  • EndoVcam

  • Compatible with all rigid scopes under Ø5.0mm

Endovcover Single-Use Sterile Cover

Designed with the following features:

  • Very resistant, hermetic

  • Ultra-fast fitting (50s)

  • No condensation while reducing contamination risks

  • Maintain high quality images

  • Sterilisation free for light cable and scope