Tourniquet Cuffs

Disposable Surgical Cuffs

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Tourniquet Cuffs

Disposable Surgical Cuffs

Our disposable contoured cuffs are designed and manufactured to maximise performance while providing single-use convenience. A comprehensive offering provides multiple options to help the clinician meet patient needs. These disposable contour cuffs have been shown to have superior surface then comparable disposable tourniquet cuffs.

Protection Sleeves

Designed to protect the patient from soft tissue damage.

90-Degree Ports

Helps keep hoses clear of surgical site.


Packaged sterile and designed for one-time use. No cuff cleaning, no cross-contamination.

Positive Locking Connectors

Helps prevent unintentional detachment from regulator hoses.

Single/Dual Port Options

All cuff styles are available in both single and dual-port configurations, allowing for use with any A.T.S. Tourniquet Regulator.